About Us

TRADEMARKZONE is the online branch of THE ZONE CORPORATION, an intellectual property consultancy providing authoritative advice in trade marks, copyright and branding. Read more...

TRADEMARKZONE is the safe way to file your trade mark application online. Our website uses Security encryption Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) of a minimum of 128 bit or greater.

How We Can Help

TRADEMARKZONE has been created to help businesses register a trade mark quickly and affordably from the convenience of their home or office.

TRADEMARKZONE delivers four key advantages to businesses:

  1. We secure your rights professionally and efficiently. 
  2. We save you time and money with fixed up-front fees.
  3. We manage the red tape allowing you to focus on your business
  4. We guard your registered trade mark.

Once your trade mark is registered, we can provide ongoing assistance including watching services and assignment, alteration and renewal of the trade mark registration.

We can also file your trade mark internationally. Read more…