Trademark Application and Registration

The process of registering a trademark starts with making an application with IP Australia. The application is examined to ensure it meets the legal requirements of the Trademarks Act 1995.

If the application does not meet the legal requirements, IP Australia will issue an Examination Report which informs you which parts of your application do not comply. You have the opportunity to respond to any of the issues raised in the Examination Report up to 15 months from the date you make your application.

Trade Mark Zone will manage the entire trademark application filing process on your behalf. We will:

  1. Prepare your trade mark application
  2. File your application electronically with IP Australia
  3. Check and forward a copy of the filing receipt
  4. Where the Trademarks Examiner issues an initial Examination Report raising objections to the registration of the trademark, receive and forward a copy and an analysis of the Examination Report
  5. Where the trademark is accepted, receive, check and forward notification of the official acceptance
  6. Monitor the application through the advertisement and opposition period and forward the electronic Certificate of Registration

Our Price AU$250 per trademark
PLUS AU$350 per class

Please note that once we have submitted your application to IP Australia,  no amendments may be made to the application. If you have any questions, or have made an error, please contact us immediately.

Step 2 - Registering the Trademark

For applications filed prior to 10 October 2016, there was a second process of finalising the registration of your trademark. For all these applications, we can finalise registration of your trademark by:

  1. Filing your registration fee electronically with IP Australia
  2. Watching for issuance of the official Certificate of Registration
  3. Where the trademark is registered, checking and forwarding the official Certificate of Registration.

Our Price: AU$100 per trademark
PLUS AU$350 per class

Trade Mark Zone Recommends

that before you apply for your trademark, you request a Basic Search or a Full Search. This will give you an indication of whether anyone else has applied for a similar mark to your own in Australia or whether there are any reasons that IP Australia may refuse your trademark.

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