Other Trademark Services

We also offer the following services:
1.   Correct Classification
Where you are unsure about the correct classification of your goods and services, trademarkzone can correctly classify your goods and services. We will:
  1. Review the goods and services of your trademark
  2. Provide a detailed report within 2 working days informing you where your goods and services are correctly classified
  3. Provide an analysis explaining your options.
Our Price AU$100 per application
2.   Address For Service
Where you are a trademark owner from overseas and require an Address for Service in Australia , trademarkzone can act as your Address for Service and forward any documentation to you. We will:
  1. File your request with IP Australia on your behalf
  2. Forward a copy of the confirmation from IP Australia
  3. Receive any documents that are sent to your Address for Service
  4. Copy and forward those documents to your postal and/or email address.
Our Price AU$100 per client
Plus Postage and Handling costs (if any)
3.   Response to Examination Report

Where IP Australia has raised an objection to the registration of your trademark and you are unsure of how to respond, trademarkzone can assist you with your reply. We will:
  1. Analyse the Examiner's Report;
  2. Provide options on how to proceed
  3. Respond to the Trade Mark Examiner's Report* and forward a copy of the response to you.
Our Price: Substantive Issue AU$500
Minor Issue AU$250
4.   Extension of Time 

Where an extension of time needs to be filed with IP Australia, we can assist you with your extension application. An extension of time carries an official cost of AU$100 per month*.  We will:
  1. Prepare and file the extension of time;
  2. Monitor your request with IP Australia;
  3. Check and forward a copy of the confirmation of the extension.
Our Price AU$100 per application
Plus IP Australia fee of AU$100 per month

*Does not include preparation of Deeds or Statutory Declarations where applicable. For more information, see the Terms of Use below.
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